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  • The Homeless Leadership Board is seeking a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. Please click here for the job description and instructions on how to apply
  • The Homeless Leadership Board is seeking a Chief Executive Officer.  Click here for Job Announcement and further instructions
  • For a copy of the 2014 Continuum of Care Priority Listings, please click here. 
  • For a copy of a System Performance Measures: An introductory guide to understanding system –level performance measurement recently published by HUD, please click here.
  • For a copy of the Homeless Leadership Board's By-Laws please click here
  • For the 2012-2013 Funding Chart for Homeless Services click here.   Please note that the document has a breakdown of funding services by target populations.
  • For a copy of the Homeless Leadership Board's Charter please click here.
  • Click here for Annual Homeless Assessment Report(AHAR) Pinellas Trend Data 2008-2014.
  •  Click here for the 2-1-1 Pinellas Snapshot: 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • Click here for a brief summary of the Florida Sunshine Law, presented by the County  Attorney during the HLB meeting on June 6th, 2014.
  • The 2014 Point-In-Time Count and Survey is available! To view it, please click here.
  • Every Year the Homeless Leadership Board submits the federal HUD  Continuum of Care Plan for homeless services in all of Pinellas County. This year's Plan contains information on what is being done now,  and the goals and strategies for 2014-15, especially those for the 22 current project that receive HUD funding.
  • Click here to see the complete 2013 HUD Continuum of Care Application
  • Click here to see the Project Priority Ranking List.



The HLB is seeking a Chief Executive Officer.  Please click the


'Who We Are' tab above for further details.



HLB RFQ: 05222015_1 (DCF TANF)

The Pinellas County Homeless Leadership Board has released its RFQ 

to homeless service providers in Pinellas County in response to the

Florida Department of Children and Families TANF Grant: #LPZ17

The Homeless Leadership Board congratulates Directions for Living (DFL)

on its RFQ response. The HLB will be completing this years' 

DCF TANF grant application with DFL as the homeless service provider.  

Pinellas County 2015 Annual Point In Time (PIT) Report

Please visit this link here for the Pinellas County 2015 Annual Point in Time Report

PIT REPORT 2015 Final.pdf


Welcome to the Homeless Leadership Board Website. We have been active in the community since 

1984 when we first began our mission to end homelessness in Pinellas county. 

To learn more about our efforts and what our mission is, visit the History page.

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We urge you to explore our site and get involved any way you can!

2015 PIT Count and Survey registration is now closed


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2015 Point in Time Count and Survey; however, volunteer registration is now closed.  Please check back with us this October when we will open up registration for our 2016 Point in Time Count and Survey

To learn more about the Point in Time Count and Survey, please view the clip below:


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With our new donation system, you can make a difference!

Help us in our efforts to end homelessness by either donating to the 

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